All about the Pip Brains development and developer


Pip Brains was developed by me, Andy Jameison. Your developer, admin, customer support and friend. I'm 45, self-employed, 15 years forex experience, born in the U.S.A. now living on the islands. I originally coded Pip Brains back in mid 2008, but a version with far fewer features and capabilities of the one today. Back then it followed a simple strategy, using simple filters and a basic indicator setup. The results were mixed, but the potential was there.

After countless hours of testing, tweaking, and adding new features from then up towards December of 2008, I was really starting to come on to something big. By the end of 2008 I had an expert advisor that I believed could run live and well on atleast 3-4 different currency pairs. I spent a few weeks optimizing settings for four different pairs, and then opened four seperate $10,000 accounts for each currency pair.

Well from back then (early 2009) to today, after a lot of monitoring, setting tweaks and a few added features along the way Pip Brains has proved to be a very smart trading machine to say the least. Check my results page to see what I mean, I never would have expected back in 2008 to have results like this today. I'm truely grateful for the good fortune my hard work, the internet, the market and my broker has provided me over the past year and a bit.

This is where my good fortune, becomes an opportunity to be your good fortune as well. That is why I am making Pip Brains public! The economy is only just recovering, and for many light at the end of the tunnel is still far far away. So giving the opportunity to potentially help just one person in a bad situation is reason enough for me to share my good fortune. Now obviously there has to be a price tag on something like this for a few reasons. The main one is keeping it from spreading like wildfire, and having too many users running it, which could potentially affect it's current effectiveness as brokers could start manipulating it. That is why a price tag, and limiting the number of copies on something like this is essential.

So, I hope to have you on board, and ready to make some money with me!

All the best,

Andy Jamieson