"Finally something new and unqiue... Something the EA community hasn't had in a long time, an EA with potential!"
Joe Stevens (ForexFBI.com)

"Great EA and fantastic support. Keep it up!";
Adam L.

"Up 10% first week, 7% 2nd week and already 11% so far this week. I'm loving Pip Brains! ";
Barry Longmore

"This brain is the smartest piece of trading software i've ever used, congrats and thank you!";
Yi Yeng

"Wow! Just WOW!";
Tony W.

"Pip brain is awesome, thank you sir for sharing it with the world.";
Ali Jihad

"Dear Pip Brains, your EA is fantastic, I will be purchasing more copies shortly if these results keep up.";
Ahid Bhranin


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