How Does Pip Brains Works?

Pip Brains is a forex expert advisor built to run exclusively on the Metatrader 4 platform. We have combined 3 proven strategies into one to offer the most versatile trading portfolio possible. No matter what the market conditions, 1 of the 3 strategies will be up to the task. Pip Brains will do all the trading for you, all you have to do is give it a place to run whether it be on your home computer, laptop, or a VPS. Learn more about using a VPS here...

Where Does The Brain Come Into Play?

Pip Brains uses a combination of three highly optimized unique strategies. The brain will use built-in indicators, and settings as well as built in market timing algorithms to determine what strategy to run for the current market conditions.

On top of that, most of the trades Pip Brains opens will be controlled by more indicators instead of your typical static stop losses and take profits. This is one of the most important aspects in automated trading in this day and age.

Pip Brains Features

There are many powerful features listed below that you can use and customize to control the brain and indicators to get the effect you want. Remember, these are just some of the basic aspects Pip Brains has to offer.

Risk:Reward Ratio - Pip Brains strives to provide one of the best risk to reward ratios when it comes to automated trading. Our advanced entry/exit algorithms with our state of the art trade management system will give the best risk to reward ratio you could ask for!

Dynamic Take Profit & Stop Loss - Unlike typical systems, Pip Brains exit strategy is controlled dynamically instead of using static take profit and stop loss values. Highly optimized indicators will decide if a trade should be closed early, or left open for more profits.

Trailing Stop - This feature while available, is not used in our optimized settings.

Recovery Mode - Will help reduce and protect from potentially large and dangerous draw downs.

Day Filters - Pick and choose which days you want Pip Brains to trade on, and which days to avoid.

Hour Filters - Pick and choose which hours you want Pip Brains to trade during, and which hours to avoid.

Risk Control - Adjust your risk to what you are most comfortable with. By default we use a low risk setting for our results.

Max Order Control - Decide how many max orders can be opened at any given time.

Magic Number - A way to differentiate the trades Pip Brains makes from other expert advisors you may be running so there is no interference.

Out Of The Box Optimized Settings

When you order, Pip Brains will come highly optimized for both EURUSD and USDCHF currency pairs.

Updating Settings For Changing Markets

From time to time, the markets will change so much that new updated settings will be required. We provide these updated settings free of charge so you the customer does not have to spend the time trying to optimize new profitable settings. Because Pip Brains is so robust and offers 3 seperate strategies, updates are not required as often as your typical run of the mill EA but we will notify all customers when an update does happen, free of charge of course!